Painting Pantheons

by Pegasus Dream

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David J. Weiner
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David J. Weiner It's like Devo and ELO had a baby. Favorite track: Stars Light the Way.
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Written, recorded & mastered in our basement.


released August 1, 2010

Jt Lindsey - Production, Mixing, Programming, Vocals, Guitar
Andy Carlson - Synth, Programming

Album Art by Lindell Serrin


all rights reserved



Pegasus Dream Portland, Oregon

Melodically, the sound contains multi-layered, psychedelic dance-rock arrangements punched with transcendental vocals and a big-ole' floor tom.

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Track Name: KGB
Every summer that I waste the cold is getting colder
Between your smile and your blue eyes,
it's safe to say your experienced
In breaking hearts and pulling strings, my life resembles magazines
With pages folded torn half out, wondering what the end could be...

A song was heard while you were gone, and listening made you sad
but feelings you have never felt, were mixed in there together
With melancholy happiness and sadness you cant bare
To show it is to lose your edge, when edge is all you've got

The air has changed somehow, it's indescribable
Your changing future now, my irresistible
Track Name: Stars Light the Way
Just the start of one vast endeavor,
When will we arrive? (maybe never)
Brilliant stars light the way so far,
One million miles away must be better than where we are

Can't forget- time be my guide, show any of the signs
Stars shine bright
My cosmic bride
You're only kind of my kind,
But still I can't let you get lost in time

Try to fathom all of your magic, I know how it ends
believe it's tragic
Keep your genuine outfits mended,
if not for the wings you'd be pretended

Forgot all of my apprehension,
Then followed your soul across dimension
Must have induced some future glances,
Big deal getting lost I'll take my chances

Feels good,
Feels great,
Feels wonderful,
No mistake
Track Name: Its Ill Eagle
I always knew the time would come,
when I'd get caught and have to run
If I knew you'd be by my side,
I would have planned a place to

Hide close so I can taste it, but you're hard to get chased with

I saw your competition, she had some superstition
that I feel I can't get through the things that you are going through
'cuz this is not how it should be for you and me
and lately you've been looking blurry in my future photograph

Destiny has no place for me.
Track Name: Find My Mind
The air is thin up here and it takes portions of my mind
When it's you my love that I
try to find o o o o o o o
Back when orange spoke to blue,
knew he'd run him through and through
Traveled 'til they fell into
the endless hole of black o o o o o oo

I think yours mine?

Staring pleased into your eyes, keep them wide, well past sunrise.
Speak to me,
Say those goodbyes,
Nothing's adding up and now you've gone too far...

Take anything we want to take,
Lies will stick and rules will break
You can tell by the sound the source is near
Track Name: Sensation

Then I saw you standing there, you were playing with your hair.
But you did not think to care, if you're here or over there.

It's a sensation, a lovely sensation, the only sensation you'll feel

What's the deal with all the fuss, you'd be better off with us.

Track Name: Lady Luck
We have to explore this curious estate, but don't wait too long or,
She might just ghost away
Ghosting away, just look at how she's ghosting away

You think it's hard for a girl like you to start to dance,
but you wont regret it
You're thinking smart 'bout the way you move it could be great
but you will not let it

How you made time fly, came in glorious waves
You're closer than I realize, so please don't ghost away
Ghosting away, just look at how she's ghosting away

You think it's hard for a girl like you to start to dance,
but you won't regret it
You're thinking smart 'bout the way you move it could be great,
but you will not let it
You fake a smile but you're facing me, you talk a lot
and I do not get it
Just look at me, kiss me, and make it good so you don't forget it

You rested you hand gently on my leg, most definitely by mistake
but I imagined it was for real and you were truly my soul mate.
Track Name: Nesting Sky Warriors
You've been waiting all of your life only to pretend
Greens the true color of your eyes, you'll try to the end

I know I'm late, but that sounds great to be part of your ones who know
The only way's for you to slay the tainted lace that makes you go


Wheres your sense of an adventure? sunlight burns your skin
Deep is lately hard to measure when your frightened to begin with
Track Name: 123 Go
Don't waste that smile of yours
On things that will run their course
You don't have to journey, I wont have to worry
Think of the time we'll spend walking around and then
We'll talk and stay up, you don't have to wear make-up

I don't know what you see in me girl, but you can't let me go

Not that it's a big surprise, but when I look in your eyes
I see what your dreaming, gives your life a new meaning
I believe I'm feeling better even in the sunny weather
Feel as lightly as a feather, bonds we'll never ever sever

I don't know what you see in me girl, you just have to let go

You don't have to wear make-up
You don't have to wear make-up

Things will be better for you and me girl if you just let me go
Track Name: Smaug the Golden
They come and go but leave me here all by myself
But you cant say you're the only one who can save me now

Cuz you tear me apart and you tie me back together
and you cant stand the noise, I'm sorry for everything I've done

'bout time that I get this out to you
Cuz everything is a mess here and I don't know if I care.
Cuz when you beat me down I'm laying on the ground
asking for begging for

You recite the poem that makes me sad, oooooh
You recite the poem that makes me sad again
Track Name: Birds Stay
Birds come,
Birds go,
Birds stay,
Love grows.
Track Name: The Messenger of Time
The unicorn spreads its white wings and he drinks from crystal streams
Where he can calm his troubled mind and wish to slowly waste his time

He is now wondering, just what it's like to be
Seeing many colors of the rainbow and thankful for its beauty

Surprises await him but he wont accept them
Feeling sorry for the way he treated the Messenger of Time

Now he is talking of things we were mocking
and he knows right now that we will know how
when the time comes to show them

You can drop him he wont break, he is the real thing I am fake
Tossing turning love is burning it's all the same to me so
please choose wisely you're fine after all

But now hes gone and knows no tricks, sounds of joy come from his lips
for he has found his place in life, and the means to end his strife.

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